What is Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)?

The Yale Young Global Scholars is a program created by Yale University that provides students of diverse backgrounds to participate in their academic and leadership programs. The YYGS program’s goal is to help the next generation become future leaders of the world by fostering an environment of elite high school students across the globe. Every year, students from over 125 countries participate in their two-week sessions at Yale. As a result, expect yourself to enter a very diverse community of the world’s most outstanding high school students.

YYGS provides three sessions every year for students to attend to take various courses. However, not every course is taught in every session. This means some courses are session exclusive, which makes the courses even more competitive. As of 2020, YYGS offers these courses to their applications:  

  • Biological and Biomedical Science
  • Literature, Philosophy, & Culture
  • Politics Law & Economics
  • Solving Global Challenges
  • Applied Sciences & Engineering

Who is eligible for YYGS?

To be eligible for YYGS, applicants must fulfill these requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years old by the start of the program
  • Must be fluent in the English language
  • Must be a current high school sophomore or junior (or international equivalent)
  • Must be a first-time participant in YYGS. Meaning if you have applied and participated in the program before, you are not eligible to apply again.

Who is YYGS looking for?

The YYGS program looks to admit outstanding high school students of diverse backgrounds from all over the world. YYGS hopes to find students with the potential of becoming leaders of the future that will use their ability to benefit their communities. Applicants may usually be at the top of their class, have great extracurriculars for their resume, outstanding letters of recommendation, and well-developed essays.

How to apply to YYGS?

            To apply to YYGS, students must go on their site and start an application. As a result of YYGS being an extremely competitive program to get accepted into, the application process requires many things to understand you better.

The YYGS applications require:

  • Resume/Activity list
  • Official school transcript
  • Two letters of recommendations
  • Standardized test scores (if available)
  • Three 100-200-word responses
  • One 500-word essay

As a result of all the things you need for the application process, it is recommended that you start as early as possible to build a strong application.

YYGS Tuition

To attend YYGS, students must pay a tuition of up to $6,300. However, YYGS offers multiple ways to either reduce this price or waive it altogether.

  1. Need-Based Financial Aid: During your application, YYGS will provide a need-based financial section that you can fill out for financial aid. The application will require you to submit as many documents as proof of income as possible and gives you the option to include any personal statement needed. Fortunately, YYGS is one of the only pre-college programs that provide need-based financial aid equally to domestic and international students. Though YYGS may not offer financial assistance to the full $6.300 tuition, they will significantly reduce it.
  2. Scholarships: To be eligible for scholarships, applicants must fill out every part of the application- including need-based financial aid. All students will then be automatically under review to receive a scholarship from YYGS.
  3. Tuition Fundraising: YYGS also recommends that if the financial aid provided is not enough, it is recommended to start fundraising money. They have even created a full list of advice and tips for any applicant that may need to fundraise money for their tuition.

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