The Weill Cornell Medicine Mentorship Program, in partnership with Young Women in Bio, gives young girls the opportunity to not only explore the diverse field of medicine, but connect with current Weill Cornell Medicine students that can guide their journey into their medical career.

The program runs throughout the course of a year, with meetings taking place every 3-4 months at around 5-7PM. These meetings are on-site and mandatory if one is accepted into the program. The WCMMP offers various activities including but not limited to: “speed-dating” with mentors to learn about various medical specialties, analyzing clinical trials, and exploring gross anatomy laboratories.

What kind of applicants are YWIB-WCM looking for?

The program is looking for applicants who…

  • Identify as a female
  • Are rising juniors or seniors (priority is given to these two grades, but freshmen and sophomores can still apply)
  • Display strong interest and success in medicine and science
  • Are empathetic and service-oriented
  • Are in need of mentors for guidance in pursuing a career in medicine
  • Demonstrate commitment into participating in a long-term, medicine-focused program

What is the application process?

The application process for WCMMP is quite simple, as it is just a short essay. No other material is required for this process.

It opens in the beginning of March, with a deadline in mid-April. Applicants are notified of their acceptance a week after this deadline. Generally, only 30 applicants are accepted per year.

Applicants must address the following questions in the brief essay:

1. Describe why you are interested in science and medicine. (1-2 paragraphs).

2. What do you hope to gain and learn from your medical student mentors?

3. How you have demonstrated this interest, including coursework, volunteering, jobs, etc.

4. What other interests do you have and outside activities do you participate in? (1 paragraph)

At the top of the page, students must include their name, grade, and name of school.

All applications must be sent to wldiller@gmail.com. If accepted, you will be emailed short contracts for you and your parents to fill, sign, and mail to a WCM office. These contracts ask for personal information including your/your parents’ DOB, address, and phone numbers, and also ensure your commitment to the program.

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