What is NYU Tandon’s Summer Program for Machine Learning?

The NYU Tandon Summer Program for Machine Learning is 2 weeks of instructional sessions where students can learn about computer science, mathematical techniques, logic building, and data analysis, leading them to different fields such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

The program comes under the faculty of Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Engineering. ML and AI are the base for most of the innovative technologies today, and where students can learn the principles from the best researches available. Students will learn everything from basics to advanced ML techniques in this program.

They will learn the understanding to develop logic as well as the practical application of mathematics to teach computers to learn. This program is suitable for brilliant students who are interested in this specific field of science and have an academically strong background. So, they will be able to make better decisions about their field of professional work for the future.

The Summer 2022 program costs a total tuition fee of USD 2100, but if you are not native and need housing services, it will cost $3268.

Who is Eligible for NYU Tandon’s Summer Program for Machine Learning?

To be eligible for the NYU Tandon’s Summer Program for Machine Learning, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a high school student with Algebra 2 or equivalent completed
  • You must be a high school student with some programming experience. The programming language for this experience is not fixed.
  • You must have a passion for science, engineering, and technology, and above all, you must be passionate about math.
  • You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, equivalent, or higher, and be academically prepared for this with a lot of motivation.

If you are an international student who fulfills all of these requirements, then you can also apply. However, there is one additional requirement for you: to prove to be proficient in the English Language. To know more about this, you can check the information page.

How to Apply?

You need to fill an online application form to apply for NYU Tandon’s Summer Program for Machine Learning. You can check the requirements on the official website of NYU Tandon. The applications for Summer 2022 are currently not open, so you need to make sure to keep checking on NYU Tandon’s Summer Program for Machine Learning portal to stay up to date with the applying dates with a preferred deadline of 31st May.

Whenever you find out that they are taking applications, make sure to submit yours as soon as possible to secure your seat because applications are only accepted on a rolling basis. Meanwhile, you need to ensure to keep all the important required documents organized so that you do not have to face any issues when they start taking applications.

Tuition and Scholarship?

The NYU Tandon’s Summer Program for Machine Learning provides approximately 50 hours of instructional time. It will cost a tuition fee of USD 2100. Any type of financial aid and scholarships are not available for this program. The total fee is divided in the following way:

  • $2000 is the tuition fee for a 2-week session
  • $100 is the program fee which covers all the special events and activities
  • If you are looking for housing, then it is available for $808 for two weeks. However, a separate application is necessary for housing with a $500 deposit to secure your placement.

If you get housing, then getting the meal plan is necessary, and it will cost you $360 for 2 weeks which will cover a total of 20 meals for 2 weeks.

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