Meet Our Team

CEO, Co-Founder

Masumul Mozumder

Hey, my name is Masumul Mozumder, and I’m currently a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. I’m the co-founder and lead developer of InfoForScholars, a website I created in order to provide easy access to opportunities to high school students across the United States. In college, I plan on pursuing Computer Science to become a web developer and software developer. I want to use my expertise in CS in order to continue developing websites, like InfoForScholars, to help with the advancement of people and communities around the country.

Outside of my involvement with InfoForScholars, I volunteer at United Tutoring, a non-profit I co-founded with the intention of tutoring underprivileged students. My personal interest includes watching basketball, trying new restaurants, and hiking.

Editor, Co-Founder

Shalaha Viba

Hi, my name is Shalaha Viba and I recently graduated from Fordham University. My care in being involved in the development of my community culminated into my endeavors with InfoForScholars and United Tutoring. Our goal is to increase learning accessibility to students struggling to navigate the education terrain on their own. I hope to not only provide resources and advice, but also social support to let our students know that they are not alone. Our long term goal is to empower students with their futures. I hope I can use what I learn to contribute to the wellbeing of those I come into contact with on my pursuit of becoming a physician. I consider myself a tourist of my own city so my personal interests include exploring the many secluded niches of New York, including its many sights, restaurants, and cultural enclaves. I also have an avid interest in painting, cooking, and hiking.

Sharian Akram

Hi, I am Sharian Akram, and I am currently a senior at Leon M. Goldstein High School. I write articles for InfoForScholars to help inform others on opportunities for their future. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I consider Brooklyn a major part of my identity, and believe it has shaped me into who I am. Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, chess, and the trumpet. In my free time, I volunteer at a local organization called the Council of People Organization, to help distribute food to the people in need throughout my community. I have a significant interest in the computer science field, and with that I aspire to become a software engineer. As I approach the future, I hope to stay true to who I am and help others on my path to success.

Nabiha Chaudhry

Hi, I’m Nabiha Chaudhry, and I am currently a senior at Leon M. Goldstein High School. I’m a Pakistani American aspiring to pursue a career within the STEM field. I’ve been involved in programs such as Young Women in Bio and Girls Who Code, that encourage young girls to explore their interests in the world of STEM. Some of my other major interests include music, painting and traveling. I am also involved within my graduating class’ senior council, to help coordinate enjoyable senior activities throughout the year.
With writing for InfoForScholars, I hope to inform other students of the many existing opportunities that can encourage them to play an active role in their community, promote their growth and fuel their passion for their individual interests.

Siam Hossain

Hi! I’m Siam Hossain, an article writer for I am currently a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York. My parents raised me to do two things in life, respect others and work hard. These are words that I carry with me every day. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, running, and creating digital art. In the future, I am looking to pursue Business in college and hope to be able to open my own business one day. Regardless of where life takes me, I always want to remember what my parents have taught me, work hard and respect others.
Jr. IT Administrator

Rodolfo Yearwood

Author and Marketing

Michelle Chen

Hello. My name is Michelle Chen. I am currently a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. I aspire to pursue a career in the marketing field. On social media, I am very passionate about social issues aiming to educate my peers on the injustices in the world. In school, I have created the Asian Alliance as an inclusive environment to learn about different Asian cultures. In my free time, I enjoy painting in which my medium is usually acrylics and watercolor. I also enjoy journaling while listening to music. As a writer for Info For Scholars, I hope to inform others on academic opportunities, such as scholarships, internships, and college programs. Therefore, allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity to reach for higher education.

Sheik Siphat

Hello, my name is Sheik Siphat, and I am currently a senior in Midwood High School. I was born in Bangladesh but was raised in America. Growing up I always had a passion for science, as a result I have always been aligned with science. This passion continued to grow throughout my school career. I hope to use this growing passion for the best, by getting involved in the medical field within the near future. Throughout my high school career I’ve been involved in various clubs helping to enrich my community. This includes key club, UNICEF, and school drive throughs; where me as well as many of my other peers helped distribute food, gather school supplies, and raise money. Some of my interests outside of school include playing video games, watching basketball, and running. I cannot wait to get involved with Info For Scholars, as it's a great opportunity helping someone find the right path towards their future.

Tasmia Chowdhury

Hello! My name is Tasmia Chowdhury, and I’m a junior at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, New York. I write articles for InfoForScholars to aid students on finding the right opportunities to benefit their future. Growing up in New York City, I am exposed to many new things and different people with different experiences. Some hobbies that I partake in are tutoring young kids, reading, and playing lacrosse. During the summer, I volunteered at a neighborhood organization called the Council of People's Organization to help distribute food to our community. Law is one of my passions, and I am looking forward to becoming an immigration attorney in the future. I hope to help others get on their track to the future, so we can all be successful.

Anthony Xia

Hi! My name is Anthony Xia. I am currently a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School in the media major. I have been involved in programs such as American Red Cross and Higher Heights that help out the neighborhood through community services and volunteering. I enjoy traveling, socializing with new people, and participating in recreational activities. For college, I am planning on pursuing a career in the medical field because I want to help and serve others. I hope the articles I write on Info for Scholars help you guys out, and show that opportunities are everywhere.